Getting Started

Getting Started

Our Kids' Program is open again for our 9:00am service. Parents who have been bringing kids into the auditorium with them for our main services are welcomed to continue to do so, until the time they feel it is comfortable or helpful for them to transition kids back into our Kids' program. For parents who would like to begin transitioning kids into our program immediately, information below will help guide you through our new Covid-19 health and safety reopening guidelines. To read about our guidelines in full, click here.

Worker Guidelines

Kids' Program workers will be screened for temperatures before entering our Kids' Program. They will serve with the same group of children bi-weekly, so as to not expose themselves to children at other service times (thus lowering the possibility of spread of sickness). They will follow a rigorous cleaning regiment of our Kids' space before, after, and in-between services.

START TIME and Checking in

Children may be dropped off 15 minutes before the service begins (8:45 AM.).

When you come to Hills Church on a Sunday morning, you will be welcomed in the lobby just outside the Kids’ Space. A Kids’ Program host will check your kids into class for the day using one of our registration ipads. We will print a nametag for each child, and provide parents with a receipt that is required for picking up your children after the service.

The host will ask a series of questions related to COVID-19 symptoms and do a temperature check for the kid(s) who are joining kids program. (Children with temperatures of 100.4* or over will not be able to join us for our programs.) The host will show you to your child’s classroom, where you can meet the teacher. (One parent is welcome back into the Kids' space if children are having separation issues to help them into their classroom). Facemasks are not required for children 5 and under, but if they are comfortable wearing a mask, they are encouraged to do so. Any child over 5 years of age must wear a face covering. Some will be available on hand if parents or children need them.


Our kids will engage in age-appropriate Bible teaching, and activities that will be geared towards independent engagement rather than communal play. We've set our space up in such a way as to encourage social distancing by setting carpet squares on the floor for seating or spreading out learning stations. Our trusted teachers and assistants use the Bible, engaging games, and focused activities to help the children learn and apply God’s truth to their lives. If there is an issue during the service, we will send a text message to your phone, alerting you to come to your child’s classroom. Kids will also have opportunity to watch an age appropriate video, most which have biblical values woven into the shows. Our goal is to encourage kids towards following God and learning about Jesus, while remaining safe and healthy.


Each family will be asked to provide a mobile phone number when checking in, in case we need to reach you during the service. If there is an issue, we will send a text message to your phone alerting you to go to your child’s classroom.


Shortly after the adult service ends, you should return to the host station. The Hills Kids’ workers will have your child ready for you when you arrive. We have our Kids' space set up for one-way traffic. Please use the Kids Program exit door (arrows on the floor will guide you). A hand sanitizing pump will be available for your children to use, and a quick handwashing in the bathroom upon exit is advised. We will do everything in our power to make the experience your children have with us, both safe and enjoyable.

Kids Program Registration

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