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Stay connected while we are separate

Due to the recent restriction on large gatherings, we've made  Sunday teaching available, as well as a home curriculum for our Kids' program. We will be making them available by 8am each Sunday. We encourage you to listen, worship, seek Jesus and pray as the church on your own or with your household as we are apart from one another. Jesus will continue to remain faithful to His people in this time that we are scattered. He is unchanging!

Sunday Morning Teaching

We're starting a series on 1 Samuel this week. While there are lots of characters that come into picture (Eli, Samuel, Saul & King David), we'll be focusing most of our time looking at Samuel the prophet. His early life was impacted by Gods lead and His voice. And Samuel's unwavering devotion to God's will often left him with grief and longing for God to receive Glory from Israel.
5/24/2020 - Trusting through grief

Things to pray this week: God is sovereign in His plans and through the dificulties in this life. Pray that God would remind you of His love towards you in the midst of hardship. Also, as we talk about motives behind our prayers today, ask God to purify your motives, that they would line up with His will for your life, and that they would result in His glory as He continues in steadfast love to us.

Kids' Curriculum

We know that in these days of being separate, our children are affected too. Each Sunday we provide a short curriculum for parents to help encourage, teach, and enjoy with their kids.

5/24/2020 - God has a purpose and plan in everything

5/2020 -
kids notes printout

Ways to continue to Give

If you're devoted to Hills Church you can continue to bring your regular tithe by mailing it to Hills Church offices (125 SE Spring St., Suite 200, Pullman), by use your banks bill-pay option, or by using from our website here (or  downloading their app here.)

The word vista means “a pleasing view,” and often implies needing to fix our eyes on it in the distance. In this life, there is nothing more necessary or wonderful than looking to Jesus in all matters of belief and practice. It is our hope that, as a church, we would do this with great passion!